Welcome to Our New Improved Website!

Hello, I'm really pleased to be able to welcome you to the new Holmes and Gardens website. I'm glad you're here :) 

Through this project blog I'll post photos, updates and maybe the occasional video on the gardens as we're working on them. You'll be getting 'in progress' and completed shots.

I look forward to sharing our projects with you but for now, in no particular order, here's a few historical pictures...

You can see this one coming together:

Here's a short time-lapse video, where you can see each phase through to completion:

Progress part way through and the completed garden :)

Making a nice, tidy and functional seating area out of an otherwise neglected corner!

These were taken part way through and just before we tidied the area!

Just a small area of the garden but great to have it looking neat!

Showing an excellent base for the turf and the finished garden...it's always good to have a lawn! 

Before, during and after...

Philip Holmes